Day 9 – Arigato, Japan!

Part of the reason why I pushed for Nagoya Tokyu Hotel aside from its grandeur, was because the airport limousine bus stops at this hotel to and from the airport. Yes! When you’re traveling with a big group, you have to think of ways on how to maximize enjoyment and minimize the effort. Haha!

The airport limousine bus was so convenient because it picked us up at Nagoya Tokyu Hotel and dropped us straight to the airport. You could even pay using your Pasmo card if you still have 1,200yen balance. It was especially convenient for me because by the time we left Osaka, I was already carrying 2 luggage and 1 backpack.

And so once again it is time to bid this beautiful country goodbye, DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU! I am SO GRATEFUL to have had the chance to travel with my friends. We’ve had new additions this time, Team Lotho (Kuya Glenn, Kuya Al, Ate Bhia), Ms. May, and of course the constants – Mikki, Shirley, Myann, Karen, Alvin, Arfe, Anna, Aileen, and Nanette. We’ve been through a lot. It’s not easy to lead a group of well-travelled/high-earning/independent people on a group tour. Sharing small hotel rooms, deciding where to eat between 14 different palates, deciphering city maps and still getting lost, finding each other and laughing about it… all these things not only contribute to learning what kind of person you are, but what kind of person you enjoy being around in the midst of stressful situations. There is no truer test of compatibility than traveling with loved ones, in this case, friends.  I know I look like I’m friendly (haha) but I’m really picky when it comes to my friends. Not every friend we meet is a friend we necessarily want to keep, right?

But after traveling around Japan with these crazies, with our endless wanderings, countless groufies, and head-shaking bloopers, I just know in my heart that these are friends for keeps.

Photo by: Glenn Lotho




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