Day 6 – Osaka

It was already 8:00AM when we arrived at the Willer Express Bus Station in Umeda Sky Building. I used my trusted Google Maps to wheel our way to our home in Osaka, Drop-Inn. It was a little far off from the train station, but it was clean and cozy. I chose it for its proximity to the Willer Express Bus station.

We arrived early so we could not check-in yet. We went to Osaka Station to get us food. We had to walk about 10 minutes to get to Osaka Station Building. I like to walk around when I travel, it gives me time to appreciate every detail of the place.


As (I) expected, Osaka Station City was huge. It’s a major railway station in Osaka but it’s also a shopping center. It was huge. So huge that we got lost looking for our subway line. It was impossible to navigate on your first try. God knows I tried, haha! I’m usually on point with these shit (sorry), but that Osaka Station was HUGE.

Thankfully, the guy I asked for directions from saved us helped us and guided us to our destination. He actually walked us, like a tour-guide with a herd of lost little kids, to the gate of the subway line and didn’t go until we were inside *insert applause*. We bid him goodbye and an awful lot of bows. Seriously guys, like I said a thousand times before, these Japs are legit. NICEST/POLITEST PEOPLE in the whole wide world.

After brunch, we went back to our hostel to check-in.

First time to experience the tatami mats

We headed to Dotonbori in the afternoon to fulfill my food goals:


We had our first fill of souvenir shopping at the nearby Donki and then headed back to Drop-inn.

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