Day 5 – Hakone – Mt. Fuji

We joined a guided tour to Mt. Fuji that started at Shinjuku Washington Hotel.

Photo by: Glenn Lotho

We relaxed on a two-hour coach ride to Odawara located in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The guide told us we’ll get 3 chances to see Mt. Fuji, one on the way to Odawara (in the bus), one at Lake Ashi, and one at Mishima Skywalk.

About an hour and a half on our way, the guide woke us up and told us that Mt. Fuji was visible. I scanned the horizon wide-eyed and there it was, Fuji-san, all glorious and unbelievable, with it’s perfect shape and its snowy cap.

I swear these photo do not give justice to the real thing:


The bus parked at the Odawara Castle complex and we were given 50 minutes to explore the castle grounds and park.


After the Odawara Castle, it was time for lunch! We went to the nearby Minoya Kichibei Restaurant for an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch with fresh crab.


After lunch, we were driven to Hakone for the 30-minute Lake Ashi Cruise on a replica pirate ship.


Photo by: Glenn Lotho

The view was mesmerising as the ship glided across the crater lake. Unfortunately, Mt. Fuji was a no-show that afternoon.


The next and last destination for the day was the Mishima Skywalk, Japan’s longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge. We had a lot of fun crossing the bridge, though Mt. Fuji was MIA again.


Photo by: Glenn Lotho
Photo by: Glenn Lotho

We headed back to Tokyo right after the skywalk. We arrived at Shinjuku Station by 5:30pm. It was our last day in Tokyo, we had a scheduled sleeper bus to Osaka in the evening. So we decided to eat at a nice Yakiniku, a station away from Hatagaya.

The restaurant was called Gyukaku. We had to walk downstairs to enter. It was small but homey. The food was so delicious!



Caramel popcorn ice cream!! #drool

We went back to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to get our luggage and to get ready for our overnight bus ride.

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