Day 4 – Akihabara – Tokyo SkyTree


Akihabara was first on our itinerary for Day 4. I wanted us to enjoy Akihabara fresh and full of energy, unlike the last time where we were so tired and exhausted.


I was on a hunt for a tamagotchi but saw none (I wasn’t looking that hard). We walked around for an hour or so, visited a few shops, and got jaw-dropped by the prices of some of the anime souvenirs we wanted.




I was so curious about these maid cafes even before our first Japan trip that I convinced my friends to “experience” them this time. We approached a “maid” and checked their menu. She then led us to this colorful and cute café inside a building just a few meters from where they were standing and handing out flyers. The café was called Maidreamin.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere inside. First, you need to know that you couldn’t take pictures of the café and the maids. Taking pictures of ourselves was not prohibited though, so at least we have this souvenir shot…


Once we entered the café, we were greeted by very hyper and kawaii maids. A bit strange for a foreigner like me, but I guess normal for its regular customers. The maids love to chat with the customers and each maid will try to offer her special dining experience of her own dream world. They make you repeat a word with matching hand gestures and they won’t leave until you do it. Try it, it’s fun! There was also a small stage where maids sing and dance to entertain the guests. We couldn’t understand a word they were singing but their energy and their charm made up for it 10 times over. The menu included light meals in sets, but they were overpriced. It was still a fun experience for us. You need to try it at least once, right?

We left Akihabara to go to the Tokyo Skytree Tower. It was quite a long subway ride and walk from the station to the tower.



We went home after buying lots of cookies from Tokyo Milkcheese Factory. We had dinner in once of the small restaurants near our hotel.

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