Day 2 – Tokyo Disney Sea

If you do not know it yet, Tokyo’s Disney Sea is the only one of its kind in the world.

We went to Tokyo Disney Land last time so we went to Disney Sea this time around. The world of Disney is hard not to love. Themed rides and pavilions, colorful balloons, adorable cartoon characters… they sure know how to wake the little kid in everyone.

We traveled by train going to Tokyo Disney Resort, it was about 50 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Aboard the Disney train!

Finally at Disney Sea!

18582011_1527550187275535_2557636187398565128_n (1).jpg
And then we were kids again. Photo by: Glenn Lotho

First order of the day, buy a Minnie Headband.

From left to right: Mikki, Shirley, May, Anna, Nanette, Karen (peace!). Photo by: Glenn Lotho

One of the best things about any Disney Park is that you’ll have this uncontrollable desire to revert back to childhood and do all the things kids do. This is the one place you can and no one will judge you for it! The kid-like wonder is palpable here and it’s hard to resist all the varieties of fun found in each Disney Park. I enjoyed every show and parade as much (if not more) as a kid would. I even shed a tear or two during the evening show by the sea. Happiest place on earth indeed!

This volcano erupts every 15mins or so.
Don’t forget to check if a FASTPASS for your ride is available. It will save you a lot of time.


Meet our handsome boys, (from left to right) Alvin Lotho, Glenn Lotho, Alvin Teng. Photo by: Glenn Lotho
Patiently waiting for the evening parade by the sea. Photo by: Glenn Lotho

I don’t have a lot of pictures at DisneySea to be honest. I had a major FOMO (fear of missing out) moment during our trip. I forgot I had my DSLR and a Go Pro camera with me. I just really enjoyed every moment with my friends and every cool attraction at DisneySea. No regrets!

My favorites are definitely the Mermaid’s Lagoon (Ariel is THE ultimate Disney Princess for me), the Tower of Terror, and the evening parade. I cried guys! Something about hearing all your childhood theme songs and seeing them sailing in front of you whilst Mickey was atop of the giant thingy (plus fireworks) really made me emotional. Disney is love. Disney is magic.

Click here to go to Day 3.


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