Day 1 – Nagoya-Tokyo

Our entry and exit point was at Nagoya. We arrived at Chubu International Airport around 5:30am. We ate breakfast at the airport and boarded the airport limousine bus at 9:15am.

#JapanCrew Photo by: Glenn Lotho

We arrived at Nagoya Station by 10:30am and walked towards the Willer Express Bus station in Nagoya Sasashime Live Station where we waited for the bus that would take us to Tokyo.

It was a long walk but we made it to the bus stop! Photo by: Glenn Lotho

We arrived at Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal at 5:30pm, we walked to the station and bought our Pasmo Cards.

Photo by: Glenn Lotho

It was already around 6PM when we arrived at our home in Tokyo, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya (Shinjuku area). This was our second Sakura Hotel in Tokyo, we stayed at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho 3 years ago.

I liked SHH better because it exceeded all my expectations. The corner double room was equipped with 1 double bed and 1 sofa bed, mini-refrigerator, slippers, bathrobe, and TV (Japanese channels only). The room was small (Japanese standards) but had enough space for our luggage. It also has its own toilet and bathroom, complete with the usual Shampoo, Conditioner, and Bath Gel (which I loooove). Towels were available, as well as toothbrush.

The hotel has its own café where you could avail their breakfast buffet of toast and jam for 350yen (with coffee or tea). Beer from all over the world was also available at their café.

Front desk was so accommodating and helpful. They have a staff who’s European (I think) and he spoke English really well so we didn’t have much problems checking in.

The real reason you should book at this hotel is its LOCATION. Very conveniently located just a few meters from the Hatagaya Subway Station. This subway station has an elevator that takes you to the street, very convenient for you and your luggage. Hatagaya Station is just 3 stops away from Shinjuku Station. There were a lot of restaurants around the hotel as well as a Family Mart.

Our very first dinner in Tokyo was at a nice little restaurant located just a block away from our hotel. We were all tired from a full day of traveling so we kinda didn’t explore much anymore. We walked up the stairs and into the trap. Haha!

See those smiles? They faded when we saw our bill. Lol! Photo by: Glenn Lotho

The setting was nice, very Japanese, we were sitting on the floor and we ordered our dinner.

The guy put some appetisers on our tables, some sort of vegetable medley thingy in a bowl, which turned out to be more expensive than our own dinner orders.

See those small bowls beside the gyoza plate? Boooo!

 Yep, they were not free! We felt robbed, to be honest, the food was not that great, and we spent almost 1000 yen each already.

Moving on! After a quick stop at Family Mart (we absolutely have to), we decided to call it a night to prepare for next day’s adventure… Disney Sea!


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