365 days later, 365 days stronger



In so many ways this has been the resounding theme of my 2017. I spent a solid year digesting the world in a way I know best–through words and travel. It wasn’t a great start to be completely honest, but the universe still found a way for me to keep living, to keep growing, and to keep pulsating.

Through all the tough times I counted on my family and friends to keep me sane. Through all the moments when I felt lost I found myself exploring a new place, indulging in the human experience, and funneling through my own fears in a way that would feel victorious.

As I transitioned off the trip, and fumbled to find my own footing, I lost a lot of time for digestion. Time for arranging words shrunk as I focused on how to sustain a life and how to turn my life into a dream. I would find myself in situations that make we wonder how I ever got there in the first place. This year has been a roller coaster. Thrilling, terrifying, full of highs and lows, curves and dips at every turn forcing me to catch my breath and hold my stomach.

I have faced fear, welcomed fear, and conquered it in many ways. I have also faced failure many times over, whether it comes to love or creativity or professional endeavors. I have failed more times than I can count. Each misstep caused me to realign, reconfigure, and reevaluate who it is I want to be as a person, friend, daughter, partner, etc. I am in constant recalibration and I can’t think of living any other way.

At the end of the day I am thankful for everything that’s happened. Good, bad, I want it all. I will never stop chasing feelings.

To everyone that has supported me through the tough times, your love is invaluable. Thank you so very much.

Cheers to 2018!

– L

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Adventure seeker | Feminist | Banker | Ekonomista nang Pamantasang De La Salle | Cofounder of Kingkong Travel Ph | Khaleesi ♥

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