Five Ways to Win my Heart

I was sifting through my files and I found some of my old writings (from 3 years ago?). I think this was when I was practising my writing skills by blogging about a certain topic each day for 30 days. The list was from Pinterest, and from what i found in my files, I made it to Day 3. Haha! Sharing a peak into my soul. Enjoy.

  1. BE YOURSELF. No pretentions, no lies, this is how you will win my heart. I want to know how you deal with other people and how you deal with bad luck. I want to know what makes you laugh and what makes you sad. I want to know how you treat your mother, and your siblings. I want to know every single detail of your being because I will love every single bit of it.
  2. BE A GENTLEMAN. The oldest rule in the book of “How to’s” in love, according to me. Small gestures would add up BIG time in my books. Open the door, laugh at my corny jokes, hold my hand at the stairs, all these small things that make us feel special. We are independent and strong, but women are also delicate and vulnerable. Nothing will compare to a man who knows how to treat his woman right, however big or small the gesture is.
  3. BE CREATIVE. For someone like me who dated a lot when I was single, being creative is very important if you wish to win my heart. I have had several declarations of love hurled towards me that were as funny as they are cringe worthy. The person who eventually won my heart took my hand as we were walking on a beautiful night and sang a very nice song. It sounds simple but it will forever remain in my heart.
  4. BE OLD SCHOOL. I am the queen of old school. I love everything done the old way. Love letter, flowers, the works. I believe that putting more effort on the things you do gives it more character and meaning.
  5. LOVE MY FAMILY. My family is my life, and my life is my family. If you show care for my family you will automatically win 100 points from me. Once my family approves of you I know you’re a keeper.

Still true. 🙂

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