The AUB Chorale

I was a dancer in high school and I danced in college. I danced occasionally in clubs after college (haha!), and I was a part of the 2011 AUB Christmas Party Champions – Team HO. I’ve been dancing all my life, but I have a secret dream of joining a choir ever since my high school days. I was raised by Catholic parents and we go to mass every Sundays. During mass, I would sing my heart out together with the choir, secretly imagining myself amongst them. The other side of that dream involves me singing Don’t Speak like Gwen Stefani in a rock band, but let’s talk about that in a separate post (or not).

For three consecutive years, we’ve formed an informal choir that sings during the AUB Anniversary Mass. But this year, thanks to our generous and ever supportive bosses in AUB, we finally have the AUB Chorale.

With the help of our Choir Master, Mr. Jon Lumba, we performed 3 songs during our Christmas Party at the MetroTent in Ortigas.

  • I love the Lord (Doxology)
  • Diwa ng Pasko
  • Christmas Carols Medley

Here’s a raw video footage of our performance (in front of AUB Board of Directors, Senior Officers, and a thousand other AUB employees, gaaah!)

Video credits: Menchu Palma (Videographer: Mikki Mendiola)

The AUB Chorale members

Soprano 1

  • Queen Doroteo – Commercial Loans Operations
  • Kathleen Santos – BBG Lending Unit

Soprano 2

  • Lilia Magura – Salary Loans Group
  • Leigh Toloza – Marketing

Alto 1

  • Fatima Uy – Commercial Loans Operations
  • Aya Padilla – Account Management Group

Alto 2

  • Lanell Cajurao – Operations
  • Menchu Palma – Human Resources


  • Cholo Ingan – Corporate Planning & Investor Relations
  • Raymund Ajero – BBG Lending Unit

Watch out for the AUB Chorale in the coming months!



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