Boracay escapade 2016

Cajurao Family on vacation!

Do not disturb.

That’s according to our shirts, if you need ask. My brother, Nikki, decided to surprise us with these custom shirts a day before we went to our Palawan trip last 2013. Fast forward to 2016, another Cajurao family vacation went by, though Nikki was not with us, Ella and Baby Kingkong went with us on his behalf.

Last March 13, the Cajurao family (sans Nikki) went to Boracay for a quick start-of-summer getaway (for me it was a semi-business trip). We celebrated the following:

  1. Kim’s post birthday celebration
  2. Baby Kingkong’s 8th month (March 15)
  3. Kingkong Travel Ph’s 1st anniversary (of being incorporated) – although this one I kept to myself haha!

It was an early morning flight going to Caticlan. We had to leave our house at 3:30am to get to the airport by 4:00am for our 6:05am flight. Baby Kingkong slept all the way from the house to the airplane and didn’t wake up until just before landing. Thank God!

After a bumpy landing, we landed safely at Caticlan.


We were greeted by Southwest Boracay personnel and were transferred to our home in Boracay, Fairways and Bluewater Resort.

After a smooth check-in at the front desk, we were finally ushered into our room.

First order of the day, catch up on sleep.

While all of them were sleeping, I went to my appointments for the day (yah I know, workaholic AF). It was already 12:00nn when we went out for lunch. I brought them to the best place to eat fresh seafood in Boracay Island, D’Talipapa.



The rest of the day was spent chilling and relaxing. My mom, though, traveled all the way to Boracay to SLEEP. Seriously, every moment not eating or swimming she spent sleeping. We let her be, ‘cos we know she’s been so stressed lately and needed to catch up on sleep.

Here’s a photo blog of the rest of day 1:



This is the video of our trip. I don’t do videos often so please bear with me. Enjoy!

Okay, so I want to share some tips for you guys who are going to Boracay on a budget. It was my first time to go to Puka Beach via the tricycle. If you’re not traveling with a big group, island hopping could be expensive. If you want to just relax and avoid the crowd, Puka Beach is perfect for you. Just ride a tricycle from Station 1 or 2 (Station 1 is nearest) for P150. Don’t worry, there is a tricycle station there for your return trip to whichever station you want to go to.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring with you snacks and drinks because food is (very) expensive here.


Lastly, to those who are scared of traveling with their babies, DON’T BE. Okay, before you say “How could you say that, you’re not the mother?!”, let me tell you this, the memories you share with your baby/ies during your trip, are PRICELESS. It would (of course) help if you brought everything that your baby needs. My future sister-in-law, Ella was a rock star during our trip. We didn’t ran out of milk, diaper, wipes, etc. It was a short trip, yes. But I was constantly amazed at how organized she was (is) with Baby Kingkong, considering she’s a first time mom! Do not trade convenience with memories. Seeing Kingkong walking on the sand, and failing to swim happily (he was scared) was hilarious and heart warming. That is coming from me, the tita. I’m pretty sure Ella was having one hell of a good time during our trip because she was with Baby Kingkong. I am tired of hearing people say, “Oh I’m going to take my child when he’s old enough to remember the trip,” make memories NOW and it will last for a lifetime. YOLO, friends, yolo.

Here’s hoping my brother could join us in Boracay next time. Cheers! 🙂

P.P.S. I am still in shock at the current state of Kalibo airport. The P200 terminal fee is (in my opinion) highway robbery. SMH.



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