Shine bright like a DIAMOND

This is a blog post that I’ve been meaning to get off of my chest for weeks. Everything about my life makes me wanna vomit right now. Not the: “OMG, I HATE MY LIFE AND CAN’T HANDLE A SINGLE THING ABOUT IT!” kind of vomit. More like the: “I’m on a roller coaster ride and it’s exciting and scary and I’m overwhelmed with the excitement and scariness” kind of vomit.

The many HATS

As many of you know, I have added a huge (and significant) HAT last year, the entrepreneur hat. I mentioned in my post last April 2015 that opening our Travel Agency was both exciting and terrifying. My partner and I walked into this business knowing it’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be glamorous, and it’s definitely not going to be an overnight success. Well to that I say, TRUE, TRUE, and SOOOOOOOO TRUE.

First let me say that choosing a travel agency as our first business is NOT a mistake. Am still a rookie in the business world but I would have never survived the first 3 months (of sleepless nights, information overload, handling difficult clients, etc.) if I didn’t love what I was doing. TRUST ME. The amount of effort and all the hours I’ve spent setting up the business and trying to learn the ropes, and dealing with people I do not know almost pushed me to my limits. I mostly relied on prayers, and emotional support from my family. My plate was full. It was so full that it was (most of the time) overflowing. Aside from my beloved day job, and the business, there’s also the daughter hat, the girlfriend hat, the friend hat, the tita hat, the homeowner hat, and of course the daughter of GOD hat. Oh, I almost forgot the president of the employee programs committee hat! Do not underestimate that last hat, because it took a big (huge!) chunk of my time off my 4th quarter 2015.  It’s a LOT. To be perfectly honest to this day I still have not got the hang of wearing all these hats. I am trying to organize all my tasks by making a written list (yes, back to basics) and backing up with my virtual organizer. I manage my time by assigning to do’s on certain hours. Managing the business has proven to be the biyatch of all the hats. Almost all my time after office is spent doing quotations, answering inquiries, looking for new suppliers, scheduling social media posts, organizing my TO DO list, and (currently) planning for the business’ website. They say prepare to give up some important habits when you run a business, for me those are reading books, planning for travel, watching movies, and just plain chilling (to name a few). Sleep has become a luxury. I always feel guilty whenever I would sleep 7 or 8 hours a day (mostly during the weekends). On a regular weekday I sleep at around 1-1:30am, sometimes until 2am if I am really busy. Thank God I live close to my office so I don’t have to wake up really early for work.  Naturally when stressed, my body reacts almost as if to mock me and remind me of my current distress. The abundance of pimples and my eye bags within eye bags has forced me not to look at myself in the mirror and causes me so much embarrassment whenever I talk with people personally. I am a mess, but in a good way (I think). As what happens when you apply intense pressure and heat into a simple graphite (yes, the stuff in a No. 2 pencil, which is made from pure carbon), a DIAMOND is produced. In so many ways, (not in a bragging sort of way) I believe I am that diamond.

Diamonds are forever

I am not a stranger to pressure, if you know who my current boss is you would understand. When you work for people with very high standards you kind of have no choice but to set your own standards at the same level, or at least near that level. I am happy to have had people in my life that inspire me every day to bring out my best. One of them is my boss, Isabelita “Belitte” Papa. One of the rarest diamonds one could find. I could only describe this woman as Miriam Defensor Santiago x Cory Aquino rolled into one. I know it’s confusing and somewhat contrasting, but she exemplifies the best qualities of these two brilliant ladies: STRONG, HARD WORKING, EXCELLENT, GIVING, LOVING, THOUGHTFUL, and POWERFUL. She truly is one of a kind. Make no mistake, trying to keep up with this fireball meant trying my best to be perfect (not literally) and also being open to the occasional earful (you know it). I have seen my boss under pressure and has admired how she handles such situations with grace, poise, and a hearty laugh that makes my ears leap whenever I hear it. Such a gem to have that kind of outlook in life. I could only pray to God that He gives me the same kind of strength to get me through my battles. I know I still have a lot to learn in my life, but as of today, under intense pressure, I’m proud to say that ‘giving up’ is never an option.

Keeping the faith

The battle has only just begun. I am not going to stop until I achieve my dream, to help people travel and see God’s personal work of art in nature. My own dream of traveling the world will only be a bonus. I will have many failures and disappointments, none of which would stop me in fulfilling God’s elaborate plan for my life. I want to make the world a better place, for Baby Kingkong and my future children.

So, there you go. Just a little look into my life and (thoughts) lately. Hopefully I would be travel blogging the next time around, for Kingkong Travel Ph. Remember folks, when in doubt, say a little prayer.





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