Thank you, 2015!

So how was your 2015, Lanell?

Are you kidding me? 2015 was a blast! One of the best years of my life so far! I ticked another item on my bucket list:

  • Set up a part-time business as an extra source of income

Two Kingkongs were born into our family this year! Kingkong Travel Ph (ze business) and Baby Kingkong (my nephew).  We couldn’t ask for more.

More than the material blessings, I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to challenge myself in so many ways this year, and finding what I’m looking for in life. Thinking about the rocks that were thrown at me and knowing that I am still here and still hungry for what’s to come, gives me so much pride. Thank you, Lord for my life.

Some of the highlights of my 2015 were:

  • Pope Francis’ visit and attending his mass at Luneta
  • Taking the leap and opening Kingkong Travel Ph
  • Ilocos trip with my dear friends
  • Birth of Baby Kingkong
  • Going to the Philippine Arena for the #ALDubEBTamangPanahon
  • First solo trip to Singapore
  • Planning AUB’s Christmas Party 2015 at Crowne Plaza Manila

I would like to share what I’ve come to realize this year and how my life goals have changed because of everything that I went through.


  • Get married before 30 when you’re really ready!
  • Retire with lots of money loads of precious memories
  • Become a Vice President by age 40 an influencer
  • Marry someone handsome with inner beauty
  • Make my parents proud of how much I earn happy I am.

I would like to end my 2015 with a prayer:

Thank you God for all the blessings You’ve given to us this year. Thank You for the new additions to our family, Ella and Baby Kingkong. Thank You, God for the love from my family. Thank You, God for the gift of love from Cyr. Thank You, God for my friends. Thank You, God for my boss. Thank You for keeping us safe and healthy. May you continue to keep us safe and healthy this 2016 especially Baby Kingkong and my brother, Nikki. Lord, though You’ve given me many challenges, You also gave me the wisdom and the strength to overcome them all. Thank you, Jesus, for opening my senses to the works of Your hand. Take charge of my life.

I ask these through the intercession of Our Lady of Manaoag, Senor Sto. Nino, and Lord Jesus Christ.


Looking forward to a more fruitful 2016!

Happiest New Year to all of you!

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Adventure seeker | Feminist | Banker | Ekonomista nang Pamantasang De La Salle | Cofounder of Kingkong Travel Ph | Khaleesi ♥

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