I have been keeping a secret from you all, and this secret has got DREAMS written all over it, not only my dreams, but possibly, yours too.

Great Wall of China!

For the past few weeks, I have been working really hard on this secret, so very excited to share this new chapter in my life to all of you.

The travel bug bit me when I was 24 years old.

Barely a year since becoming an officer, and in no way financially capable, I was whisked away to Viva Vietnam one August day, 6 years ago. By the way, thank you Daddy for making that trip possible at the time.


I did not book our plane tickets, but I did book the hotel in Hanoi. It was a late night flight so we arrived at our hotel past midnight. My heart sank and I got really anxious upon seeing the neighborhood and the location of the hotel. I didn’t want to disappoint my travel companions. As if my initial dilemma was not enough to destroy our trip, the language barrier proved to be harder and made our check in process a total nightmare. Fast forward to the next morning, all my doubts and fears were erased by a bustling city and a bright Hanoi sun. It turned out that our hotel was in the middle of a market area similar to tiangges and small kiosks perfect for tourists. Everything was just walking distance from the hotel and the night market was right in front!

I fell in love with Hanoi. I felt the culture and the people blending in to make one beautiful country, and people! Sure I had to make a lot of hand gestures and construct some really horrendous English sentences like “I buy three”, “Lower lower”, “where market?” but being there and having to experience such an amazing place made me feel a high that I’ve never felt before. I want more!



One thing I would never forget about Vietnam is their food. MY GOSH their food! The Pho, and their spring rolls, uhhh, to die for. I could not remember one meal where I was not amazed by the distinct flavor and the authentic taste. To this day whenever I think of Vietnam, all I really remember is the food.

I would love to share all my amazing travel experiences with you but I’m afraid it could take us forever to do that. I am a TRAVELER, that means I love creating my own itinerary, I book my own flights, I am my own tour guide, and I construct a budget that I absolutely do not break. 😉 I have planned DOZENS of trips for me, my friends, my family, my colleagues, and even for relatives of my colleagues. I have learned the art of booking piso fares and I have successfully booked some of our major international trips at very very very low prices.

TRAVEL IS MY PASSION. It is FOOD FOR MY SOUL. For years, people around me have been pushing me to open my own travel agency. I’ve always just smiled whenever I hear those comments, thinking “maybe someday”. Well, SOMEDAY has arrived! After many long conversations with my brother, my family, and never-ending prayers, I began the process of putting up our own travel agency.

I have partnered with my brother, Nikki to push this dream into reality. In beginning this endeavor I unleashed the “info-zilla” in me, researched heavily on how to put up our own travel agency and to cut the long story short, all roads led me to FETA Travel Depot, the company who pioneered and led the development of formal education on travel agency entrepreneurship. I attended their seminar on how to put up your own travel agency business and Nikki and I decided to entrust our start-up with them. I like to think of them as my AMAZING mentors, Ms. Sharon and Sir William. They really are the best when it comes to training and helping new travel agencies. Their curriculum is complete and straight forward, and they will let you experience what it’s like to actually operate your own travel agency. Last January, I signed on to be an official affiliate of Feta Travel Depot. No, we are not a franchise (for those of you who thought we are after reading that last sentence).

Since then I have been working extra hard learning the travel agency ropes, training with FETA Travel Depot, building marketing plans, networking lists, and preparing my heart to start this new endeavor. This whole thing scares the shit out of me, but I am also ecstatic and overwhelmed with excitement. Typically, if things both terrify you and excite you, you just know you made the right decision.

So, with all THAT being said, today marks the official launch of KINGKONG TRAVEL PH! YAHOOOO! The complete name of our company is KINGKONG PH TRAVEL AND TOURS CORP. but we are branding it and marketing the name Kingkong Travel Ph. For those who do not know who Kingkong is, nope he’s not the monster gorilla who rocked New York some 50 years ago, Kingkong is none other than my brotha, Nikki “iKingkong” Cajurao. Hahaha! He was nicknamed Kingkong by our mom when he was a little boy. Some of his ninongs and ninangs followed suit. Up until now my parents call him “King” short for Iking.

Now for the FUN part. This is where your dream vacations can be turned to reality. This is where I take the planning and guesswork out of your minds, and spare you the headaches. I can make the entire process of choosing your destination all the way to coming home a total breeze. I am here to be that ace in your back pocket. Your one stop shop for vacation deals, land arrangements, airline bookings, and continued support throughout your entire vacation. If something goes wrong during your dream vacation, I am your fixer. Tired of looking through vacation comparison sites for promos and deals? I am your deal maker. Not sure where to start? I’ve got the expertise (and the experience) to point you in the right direction. Aside from all-inclusive vacations, here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • Airline Arrangements
  • Land Arrangements
  • Cruises
  • Visa Assistance

So, if you want my advice on how to plan your trip, you should probably give me a call. I am ready to design the perfect getaway you’ll be bragging about for the coming years. Oh, and my consultation services, are FREE! Yessssss, F-R-E-E!

Have I convinced you already? Then Email me at for your FREE VACATION QUOTE! If you’d like to get my monthly newsletter filled with great deals, exciting destination profiles, and loads of information on current travel promotion, then click the button below and fill out the form! Don’t forget to “LIKE” the Kingkong Travel PH Facebook page to have travel deals and information come straight to your FB feed! Our website will be up and running very soon so you could see all our exciting offerings and promos. Lastly, be on the lookout for news on my Referral Program, so when you spread the word about Kingkong Travel PH and your friends book vacation packages, you get PAID! No, really! I will pay you in cash! So tell your friends, and spread the word!

WOWWW! That was long, so sorry about that. This is such an exciting time, planning this new business for the family. It has been a labor of love. I would like to thank my brother, Nikki, for trusting me and giving me his confidence as we put up our new business. Thank you to my parents and my sister, Kim, for all the support and encouragement. And to YOU, yes you! Thank you for the continued support. I am feeling grateful for all the blessings this 2015. Let US, help you! Let’s go travel, friends!!

Lanell_Kingkong PH

Contact Us:

Land Line: (02) 545-0312 | Globe: 0917-7750919 | Smart: 0998-5638154 | Sun: 0922-8308217

 Follow us on Twitter: @kingkong_ph

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