5 Things I’ve learned from my Supermom

  1. Work Hard. At a very young age, Nikki, Kim and I were taught by our mother that the key to being successful in life is to work hard. She has been telling us the story of how a young Nila worked her way out of her little barrio in Bay, Laguna to become the 1st woman to graduate from college in their barangay, whilst taking care of her 7 younger siblings. She did everything she could to provide for her family, she took laundry from her relatives for small compensation, she went to the farm to help her parents, she roamed around the barrio to get “kaning-baboy” for the pigs. After all her chores were done, she would sneak in a candle to study her lessons. She never gave up, not once. Even when everyone was telling her to stop studying because “Mag-aasawa ka lang naman eh”, she never listened to any of them. She had a goal in life and that was to get out of that small town and be somebody.

    Though we sometimes joke around whenever she would start this story again (coz’ we’ve heard it QUITE a few times growing up), I’ve always made her story my inspiration. We are not rich, but my parents gave us a comfortable life. I would like to say that my mom’s story is a rags-to-riches story, one that is inspiring and worth sharing.  

  2. A woman needs to know her household chores. So that when the time comes to be a homemaker, I would be in control of my own home.

    When we were kids, I used to always complain about doing the house chores, I never really liked doing the dishes, or scrubbing the floor, or wash my clothes (who does??!!). But my mother made it a point to teach us everything, for future reference. I remember complaining to her saying “Bakit pa ko mag-aaral kung magiging katulong lang naman pala ako…” Yep, I was crazy lazy like that. I do appreciate everything she taught me, and if I could be half the homemaker that she is, I will be so happy and content.

  3. We (women) can do it all.  My mother is a homemaker, a wife, a mother, and a career woman. She can do it all. Juggling her career and 3 kids (plus a super kulit husband) is not a joke. Let me tell you, even when we have household help, she would always (always!) cook our meals. That is right, we were (still are) food-spoiled all our lives. I knew there were tough times in the past, when we were in elementary and high school and my mom had to right a promissory note so we could take the exams. It was not always easy, but we never really felt it was tough, because she would always serve us delicious food. This all happens before she goes to work everyday.

    At home during the weekends, she would cook several different dishes because all of us have different favorites. If you try to drop by our house during a Saturday you will understand how delicious it is to live in our house (and why we are on the heavy side, joke!). My mother serves nothing but the best home cooked dishes and I will forever wish that I could cook like her so that my future children would love me as I love my mother.

    As a career woman she goes to her office during the weekdays. We were used to hearing other people calling her “Ma’am Nila”. Though she’s out the whole day and would return at night (sometimes late), she still managed to check on our schoolwork and squeeze in some tutoring if needed. She is amazing in math and taught me Accounting back in High school when the teacher could not make her students understand the subject. She was an honor student, and yes, thank God we got our intelligence from her (sorry dad). Haha!

  4. We (women) are independent. Who run the world (girls!)?

    We women are strong, powerful, and independent. This is exactly how I would define my mother. Strong, to face the problems big or small. We will cry to feel better but we will not back out of any problems. Powerful, because we are capable, capable of anything that men can do. We have economic power, and we can buy anything that we desire. Independent, because we do not need anyone to get the life that we want. We dream and we work hard to get that dream. I was raised by a strong, powerful, and independent woman. I know I’ll make it. 

  5. Choose your battles. Like in any relationship there were several (if not A LOT) misunderstandings and disagreements between my mother and father. I have come to understand this through the years, and I know that my mother chooses her battles. Yes, if you mess up her kitchen you’re definitely going to hear from her. But there are times when one has to step back and relax, because fighting will only make it worse. I admire my mother’s ability to control her anger, and eventually win the war, be it at home or at the office. She just knows how to handle a situation well, and make everyone happy.

To my mother, you are our ROCK, thank you for cooking me my favorite food every time I go home. You are the best mom in the world, Dad, Nikki, Kim, and I are so proud of you. Happy Birthday mommy, we love you!


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