Thank you 2013!

Aside from the fact that I lost my gallbladder and had some of the worst days in my career, 2013 treated me well and let me enumerate why….

1)      I have the best boss in the world – I cannot stress this enough, but I really do have the best boss ever! She pushes me to do my best in every single thing that I do. I love that she doesn’t sugar coat, and she does not hesitate in letting me know if I did not perform as expected. It makes me strive to do better. She challenges me in ways that even I could not believe. I will forever peg my life and career the way she did hers.

2)      I finally got rid of my *!@%$ gallbladder – positive thinking, Yes! Now I will never again feel that horrid, inexplicable, and very painful thing that I felt whenever that gallbladder of mine did its contractions. Booyah! I just have to cheer for my liver now because it’s doing all the work that gallbladder left behind. Rah rah rah! (Thank you to the awesome doctors of The Medical City)


3)      I have work – wait wut? Hahahaha. How else am I going to pay for all my medical/hospital bills if I do not have work?

4)      I have GREAT friends – this I thank the Lord for, all the time. I have my friends I travel with and whom I love love love so dearly. I have my friends who I’ve been friends with since highschool. I have my Superfrndz, whose souls we are all connected. My bestfriend Dyanne, though she is in London right now we still find ways to communicate. Find your friends for life and cherish them!


5)      I went to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin – our White Water Rafting ad
venture at CDO was something for the books. The adrenalin rush, the view, the people, I loved everything about CDO and Camiguin.

6)      I joined 360 Fitness Club – now don’t judge me just yet (for not being thin already), I just started this November and I signed up for the annual membership! I can do this! For those of you who are tired of going to the gym and all the machines, try out this awesome fitness club. You could try their circuit training exercises (20 stations of cardio and exercise) or their group exercises. Check out their website for more info I’m getting my sexy back by summer! (hopefully)

7)      My family – we celebrated Christmas out of town, for the first time, in Puerto Princesa, Palawan no less. It was not a walk in the park let me tell you, but I was very thankful that the trip pushed through and that we got to bond as a family. I love them and they mean the whole world to me. My mom, dad, Nikki, and Kim inspire me everyday. They will forever be my source of happiness. I am very thankful to the Lord for their good health and well being.


8)      Love – we all strive to love and be loved. A lot of people pray for it everyday. In my own little way I try to spread love, be it by hugging a friend, telling my parents I love them, texting a relative hello, or just by giving food to the old lady in front of Robinsons Galleria. I am thankful that I am given love in return, I saw it when I was at my death-bed errrr at the hospital about to undergo an operation. My friends visited, random people and relatives extended their well wishes. My family never left my side, even Nikki who was far away sent his love. Someone very special though was with me the whole time. He was with me when I was in pain. He was with me when I was at my weakest. He was there waiting for me when I was brought back to my room, numb from anesthesia, groggy as hell. The moment I saw him I just know that I’m going to be fine. He kissed me all over my face and he was whispering these words “brave girl, brave girl”. I thought at the time, I must look like the ghost of Christmas past, ugly and smelly and weak, but here is a guy kissing my smelly, oily face and telling me that I’m brave and that he loves me. I know from then on that I made the right choice, and that I will keep him forever. Thank you, Babe for putting up with me and my many moods, and for making me feel loved all the time. I am saving forever for you.

So many other things that I am grateful for and I give all the glory to God. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!

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Adventure seeker | Feminist | Banker | Ekonomista nang Pamantasang De La Salle | Cofounder of Kingkong Travel Ph | Khaleesi ♥

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