We all have some issues in our families, the parents and their siblings and a lot of misunderstandings.

I do not have a problem with mine, 2 sibs, a boy and a girl and I love them both sooooooooo dearly.

I am the eldest (uuuuy ATE) of 3 siblings. Nikki boy was born a year after and we were both so happy and content. Until 6 years later, (cue music “dan dan dan dannnnnn”) Kim, the youngest was born (boo!!).


I’m joking of course! Nikki and I grew up playing with each other. Iking (that’s Nikki’s nickname extraordinaire) lived up to all of society’s gender-specific stereotypes. He was fascinated with guns, ‘car-o-holic’… can often be found sprawled over some other kids toy, and would always be in trouble because he kicked some kid’s butt. When we were little we were inseparable. We would wreck havoc in movie houses. We were those kids who play in front of the big screen (you know when they used to have platforms in front of the white screen). We got lost in the mall several times I could not believe no one picked me up back then and sold me somewhere. We were so naughty that our Tita Prince used to cry over us, a lot. I meant a lot, because we would often bully her and call her names just so she would leave us alone when it’s naptime (sorry tita…)

And then there was Kim (cue music), our baby. I remember dad busting in our room one day telling us the baby has 2 dimples. Wow! “Anong dimples?” I asked my dad, and he gestured for 2 holes, 1 in each cheek. I was excited. I don’t remember much, but Mom kept on telling this story about me saying to the baby Kim that she’s the most beautiful baby in the world. Hah!! Okay maybe I did say that, and she was. Oh how this baby changed our world. Suddenly I had to be a responsible “ate”, helping mom put her to sleep sometimes, looking after her all the time, and the part I hate the most… wiping her after she did the deed. Eeeeew!


Having to be the baby in the family has its pros and cons as I’m sure everyone could relate. Yes you get anything you want, yes everyone says how cute you are, yes the ate and kuya has to look after you all the time. Gosh! The list is endless! But wait, (there’s more!) sorry I can’t help it, haha, the bunso never gets anything NEW do they? *wink*

Hand me downs, boom! Everything that does not fit me anymore goes to Kim. Okay maybe not everything, but a good majority of my clothing apparel and some of my school stuff (even toys) I remembered handing down to Kim with the latter throwing some mild tantrums that our parents would ignore anyway. I’ve got to hand it to our parents though, they made us realize the value of hard work early on. When we were growing up we had the ‘reward system’ when it comes to getting stuff that we want. So even though they could afford to give us what we want, we always had to do well in school. No amount of tantrums would make my mom budge. I remember this one incident when Kim wanted a candy at a grocery store in Pacita but dad said no, so she went on crying really loud and everyone was looking at her already. But dad stuck it out and did not give in, leaving Kim with a lot more crying. Some people were shaking their heads already possibly feeling bad for her. At the end of the day the big lesson for all of us was that you can’t always get what you want that easily, you have to work hard for it.


I see a lot of kids these days that gets precisely what they want when they want it. “Mom the iPad Air is coming out this December I want one!” You see, I think anyone who could not afford an iPad/tablet should not own one. Parents these days they feel like they owe it to their kids to give them things that they did not get when they were little because their parents could not afford. SMH

Going back, I couldn’t have asked for better siblings from God. I thank the Lord everyday that I have 2 other human beings in this planet I share my blood with whom I hate and I love both at the same time. I adore these 2 monkeys, I know that they will be with me through thick and thin. I promise to take care of these monkeys forever. I am their ATE after all. 😉
DSC04736 with siblings

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