My Daddy, My Hero.

I was about 7 years old, and my dad was a big shot manager at a well-known establishment and we were at their office in PICC for their Christmas Party. I saw people exchanging gifts and saw that dad was also giving gifts to the people around us, exchanging jokes and just being the loud guy that he is. I felt a little bit of envy, like, “Why does everyone get to have gifts and I don’t?” Suddenly, I felt really annoyed and jealous; I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “I WANT A GIFT!” Well, as I was just a little girl at the time the only thing I could do really was to cry, and so I did. My daddy was surprised to see me crying, he tried to calm me down but I wouldn’t, and he still had gifts to give out so I had to cling to his hips crying like a little baby, begging and begging, waiting and waiting for someone to give me a gift. In the end, dad gave me one of his gifts and made me open it. Daddy never forced me to stop crying that night.


I was about 16 yrs old, on my way back to our house in Juana 3C from Pacita. I somehow took the wrong tryk, one bound for Juana 6, it’s not quite far from us but its also not near our place. I was a bit nervous because I know it could be dangerous especially at night, I look around and I see no more tryks aside from the one I just rode. I didn’t want to walk all the way to Juana 3 because honestly I was just scared. Of course I called my dad, his voice was instantly on panic mode, like I was in trouble. Shortly after, he arrived on our wrangler jeep really worried, he thought I was brought to Juana 6 by a maniac tryk driver. We drove around the area looking for the tryk driver, when we couldn’t find him we finally went home.

I was 17 yrs old, a frosh! Dad and I picked out a dorm room right in from of the university. On my first night, I was not able to sleep because of the noise from the other room. I stayed up all night thinking of how to confront them because a girl needs her sleep before her 1st day at college! Well, I didn’t get it, so I texted my dad in the morning complaining (again like a little baby). On that same day, he went to my dorm room and we took all my stuff. Good-bye noisy-bitchy-probably-having-an-orgy dormates! Daddy took me home that night. We eventually found a dorm room where I was able to sleep soundly.


I was 20, oooohh that dreaded thesis defense. We didn’t make it! Imagine all those nights we had to stay awake to prepare for everything. I was crushed. At my dorm room I felt so weak that I just wanted to die. I called my mom, told her that we didn’t make the thesis defense. Was not planning to cry, but you know that feeling when you are so sad and depressed, then you hear your mother’s voice and its just instant waterworks. She asked if I wanted dad to pick me up, and I said no, I’d just take the van. When I got to the terminal I was informed that the last trip just left. At that point I knew I was being punished by the heavens. I got my phone, called my daddy, and 20 mins later he was right in front of me. I was safe.


He taught me how to ride a bike, how to drive, how to love books, how to be a good citizen, how to respect, how to treat my siblings, how to drink responsibly. He taught us that eating fried chicken with your fingers is ok. He’s my driver, my mentor, my inspiration, and my protector. They say I am too much like my father, I’m still at my 20s and I already have a lot of white hair, like he did when he was in his 20s. I always say this but I’m going to say it again, I am my father’s daughter. When I tell him I love him his response will always be, “I love you more than my life”. I am happy and very lucky that I get to have these moments with my father, as I know not everyone does, either because they have already lost their fathers or because they are not very vocal with their feelings to one another. He always tells us that he only prays for US, not for himself. Finally, and this I know for sure because I always see him do it, he BRAGS about us incessantly like we are the golden children of the millennium. It is very embarrassing, as in I-want-the-earth-to-swallow-me-now kind of feeling, but in the end, Nikki, Kim, and I know that he says it with pride because he loves us very very much. Now he knows we’re also VERY proud of him.


I love you Dad!

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One thought on “My Daddy, My Hero.

  1. bebe nman bnobrodcast mo,thanks a lot anyway for the gift,the 3 of you,i love it man gusto ko ulit at fathers and mom are really so proud of you 3,i could say and am sure mom will agree that the 3 of you has exceded our objective and expectations,and were
    thankfull for the lord for that,i could say now that we are reaping the fruits of our must go on and am very sure and confident that whatever challenges would come by you,yakang yaka,Y,coz your daddy s you bebe..

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