A Love Story…

It was a beautiful night in Ortigas, he already walked me to my pad at San Antonio Village, as he usually did the past few days. We were never the same after that Boracay trip with friends.


At least for me, I guess. Before the trip, he was always just that loud funny dude who would always find ways to flirt. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I just thought he’s another player.  I never really saw the real person until after the trip.

When we reached the lobby of Lindhen Suites, he asked if I wanted to eat. The night was much too beautiful to say no, and so I went up to my pad, got my wallet from my bag, and ran downstairs to the waiting man. At that point, I was confused, excited, hungry, and most of all, scared. Scared about that thing inside my heart, that thing I could not understand, that thing I thought I would never ever feel again. Scared that this whole thing, whatever it is, would end up hitting me in the face, again.

We started to walk towards the village gate, at first we did not talk, we’ve been talking and talking these past few days, I guess this is what they call the “getting to know each other” stage. This man amazes me to the point that I sometimes pinch myself to make sure I am with the same guy. This is a different version of what I always see in the office, of what I thought I know about him. This guy is different; I kept on saying to myself, he is special.

I was pondering on that thought when he suddenly reached for my hand. We were already along Julia Vargas. My heart jumped, I honestly thought it leapt out of my chest, good thing it didn’t for it would have ruined the moment.

That’s when he started to sing…..

“Kapanuhan na naman, nang paglalambingan. At kasama kitang mamasyal sa kung saan… kabilugan nang buwan at ang hangin ay may kalamigan.. aakapin kita mahal ko, sa buong magdamag…. “

Though it seemed surreal, I felt that we were the only two people along Julia Vargas. He was holding my hand while singing, and he was guiding me through. Of course I had my poker face on, as I always do. Crab, that’s my sign, a Cancer, always hiding their true emotions, pretending to be tough. I was smiling, but kept that “I-don’t-care-what-you’re-doing” look. If there’s a chance that he might not mean whatever it was he’s doing, at least he didn’t see that happy face.

He started to forget the lyrics, lucky for him I knew the song. It’s a beautiful song by APO, and that song just jumped to the top of my favorite songs of all time.

Oh no, I said to myself, oh no no no. I think I’m falling.

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