Lessons Learned

Okay, so now that all this has happened, I find myself contemplating on how and when THIS (I mean this episode of my life) all started. My gallstones were first detected when I was 23 years old, at that time I was a new officer, and I was taking my Masters. The final diagnosis was Stress-induced acute gastritis. Well, I was rushed to a hospital in Pacita Complex then, let’s just say that my parents, though very worried about me, were also very worried about the cost of my possible confinement. So I don’t blame them, really, I blame myself mostly, because I have in fact a health card already and I was not sure at the time how it all works. So there, my first lesson, ignorance could kill.

At first the doctors thought that the abdominal pain I was complaining was stress-induced, and was actually the reason why my stomach acts up because gas was being produced blah blah blah. As much as I don’t want to question the doctors competencies especially because they are associated with this hospital, I can safely say now that everything was bullsh*t. One week after my release at that hospital I returned for the regular check-up, and that was the only time the doctor actually ordered for an ultrasound to finally check on what’s causing the pain. So I scheduled an ultrasound and the doctor finally told me that I have gallstones.

No, he did not have the gallstones removed because he said that they are, at the time, quite small, and would not likely cause me any discomfort “again”. So I went on with my life, eating and drinking whatever I like. Occasionally thinking I probably should not eat this, or drink that, but what the hell, life is good. There you go friends, 2nd lesson, watch what you eat!

Some of you, okay most of you know that I did not use to weigh like this. High school and all throughout college I had a very active lifestyle, always playing badminton and jogging whenever I can. I never really needed to go on a diet because even if I binge eat, I burn everything up almost instantly. Here comes grad school! Suddenly I did not have time to play badminton, and all I do is study and go to work, and it was exhausting, and I got hungry, and there’s Mcdo and Jollibee, and everything is history. Truth is, I graduated 3 years ago, and I could have started to lose all the weight I gained, but I did not. I failed myself as well as my parents, especially my dad whose constant reminders went into deaf ears all these years. Lesson no. 3, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A year after graduating from college, my friends and I rented a studio room at a condominium near DLSU. We stayed there for about 2 and half years, then we moved to another location in Pasig near my office where we stayed for 2 years, and now I’m renting a condo room just beside our office building. The point is I get to eat my mom’s cooking only in the weekends. Where do I eat daily? Fast food restaurants, canteen food, occasional high end restaurants, and well, just about everywhere I could find food. Yes I am a picky eater, but still I do not know how the food in these restaurants are cooked! Neither do you, so here is lesson no. 4, always go for the home-cooked meal. Basically my gallstones are fat and oil that turned into stone-like substances and contracted in the gallbladder, so don’t let this happen to you.

Drink hot water after a meal especially if there’s fat and oil in there. Go green! Eat veggies as much as you can, and don’t forget to sweat it baby. Took me a while (and a gallbladder) to finally realize these things, but now I know what I should do. I would need help, and a little time, but with a strong support system around me, I know I would be able to conquer this. I lost the war (okay my gallbladder) but the battle is not over. I promise to live a healthy lifestyle henceforth. Do not make the same mistakes that I made (I’m talking to you sister!), be active, be healthy. Love your body and your body will love you back. Spread the love, and make this world a better place. Peace out!

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